Incoming 3rd Graders Summer Skils

Summer Reading

Summer Math

Option A: Incoming 3rd Grade Math Packet (*highly recommended for students who still need to master their multiplication and division facts)

  • Will be made at school and delivered to students before the summer arrives
  • An electronic copy of this book will be available on the SHS website
  • This book focuses on reviewing material that has been taught this year, as well as strengthening student math fact retention with weekly timed tests
  • No cost

Option B: Math Whizz and Xtra Math

  • Students continue to access their accounts at home during the summer.
    Need to log on at least 45 minutes a week for Math Whizz and 3 times a week for Xtra Math to see growth.
  • Progress is monitored and growth is tracked. Teachers are able to use this data to prepare for September.
  • No Cost

Option C: Summer Math Skills Sharpener – Hard Copy Math Review booklet we have used in the past (*recommended for students who have mastered their multiplication & division facts and need an extra challenge this summer)

  • Order at:
  • $22.80 includes shipping directly to your home ( shipped at media mail rate)
  • Order the grade level that your child is currently completing. Do not order the next year ahead; the purpose of this is to review and maintain skills.

The Math Whizz and XtraMath accounts will be checked and workbooks collected on the first day of school August 29th. This will be the first required assignment that will be recorded in PowerSchool.